ifm electronic now supplies a control system which conforms to the needs of the off highway, vehicle and mobile machinery markets. In addition to the flexibility and performance specific attention has been given to the following points:

  • Operation at extreme temperature ranges.
  • Ability to withstand extreme shock and vibrational stresses.
  • No influence when directly exposed to dirt, water, humidity and moisture.
  • Insensitive to supply voltage fluctuations caused by the battery/generator systems.
  • Immunity to high levels of EMC, conducted and radiated interference.
  • Application-related networking with the serial CAN bus suitable for mobile applications.
  • Open programming interface

The mobile controller ecomat R360 is the basis of the mobile control concept.

The mechanical and electrical properties have been specifically designed for use in mobile applications. They are freely programmable using the freeware programming tool CoDeSys which supports several different programming languages according to IEC61131. CAN, SAEJ1939 and CANopen fieldbus interfaces are included as standard.

Mobile controllers and sensors

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